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C & R HVAC Services LLC is a regional, full-service heating and air conditioning company. Our objective is to be a profitable leader in residential heating and air conditioning service. We will serve our customers’ needs and consistently provide our services to sale, install, maintain and repair heating and air conditioning systems of lasting value to our customer. We believe in professionalism, teamwork, innovation, and long-term decision making. We endeavor to establish, preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions.




Customer Service


We will direct our efforts to our customers - both internally and externally - in a respectful, helpful and truthful manner with a sincere heart. We will render our service carefully with a good will in a fair, cost effective and timely manner. We will serve as representatives of C & R HVAC Services LLC in service, respect and integrity to ensure the satisfaction of our client and fulfillment of duty.


Initiative and Leadership


We encourage the act of taking the initiative to look for opportunities with a purposeful and positive intention. We encourage leadership and all the privileges that follow it for the sustainment and advancement of the Company and its employees. We will seek to establish an atmosphere of respect and encouragement.




We will seek and share all necessary and relevant information to complete our jobs to the best of our ability to ensure quality of service.


Training and Development


We encourage education, certification and development for the continuing enrichment of our knowledge and realization of our full professional potential. Training classes will be provided as a method to achieve employee growth and development.




Credible & Reliable: We will perform convincing service and ensure consistant quality in our labor.


Honesty & Integrity: We always do what is right, fair, and ethical.


Respect & Authority: We are considerate of others through the use of appropriate behavior, when making decisions or enforcing obedience.


Honor: We will lead with an attitude of service until our assigned duties are complete in their entirety, this is the right thing to do.


Discipline & Instruction: We are always willing to learn and help one another when in need.


Service with a Good Will: We do not complain or badmouth anyone or anything but instead carry out our duty with care and professionalism.


Perseverance: We will continue in our service through any obstacle or encountered difficulty encouraged to reach success.

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